Ff7 is the twenty-fifth episode of the series Weebl & Bob.

Posted: 10th December, 2002

Summary: Bob tries his hand at animating again, with a scathing satire about Final Fantasy 7.

Tune: Lovely Ladies - Bob Bobertson

Credits: Bob

Transcript Edit

{We start at an orange screen saying "BOB PRESENTS A SCATHING SATIRE OF FINAL FANTASY 7".}

{Cut to Weebl and Bob. Weebl has Cloud's hair, and Bob has Aeris' hair.}

WEEBL: Let's walk over here.

BOB: Yes!

{Cut to a chocobo.)

WEEBL: {offscreen} Ooh, a chocobo.


{Cut back to Weebl and Bob.}

WEEBL: Let's walk over here.

BOB: Yes!

{Weebl and Bob look as though they are walking right.}

WEEBL/CLOUD: Oh no. A random encounter.

BOB/AERIS: We just had one too.

'{Cut to a monster. It roars then leans into Weebl, and a "-7" appears above his head to the sound of 'PING!'}


{Cut to large bubble text reading 'SUPER SPECIAL ATTACK'. A magic circle appears around Weebl, which then shoots a large shot into space, hitting the moon. The moon comes crashing towards earth very slowly before hitting the monster, causing 3 mushroom clouds to appear. A "-7" appears above the monster's head to the fermilliar sound of 'PING!'}

{Cut to large text reading 'THE END, MADE BY BOB' with a small drawing of Bob in the lower-left corner with the words 'I MADE THIS!'}

BOB: I made this!

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